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If you’re experiencing cracks in your driveways or floors that are uneven Our concrete specialists from United Structural Systems of your area offer concrete repair solutions that will restore the durability and value of your house! Sinking and cracking concrete might appear to be a cosmetic problem in the simplest sense, however, it’s imperative to take action quickly whenever you spot spots of discolored concrete that are visible on your property. In addition to the fact that uneven sidewalks within a park and damaged driveways affect the curb appeal and reduce selling value to your house but they also can be dangerous and get worse as time passes.

Chicago Concrete of IL can help in:

  • Driveway repair
  • Concrete patio repair
  • Sidewalk repair
  • Concrete leveling
  • Concrete lifting
  • Repairing cracks in concrete
  • Concrete restoration
  • And much more


What is the cause of cracked and uneven construction concrete in Illinois?

Chicago is famous for its harsh winters and heavy spring rain that can result in major issues for concrete. The clay soil of Chicago is referred to as expansive soil. That means it expands when saturated, and shrinks when dry. The constant movement of the soil beneath the concrete masonry causes the concrete to sink and expand. The constant shrinking and expanding of concrete may result in voids opening up underneath the slab, and cracks can form. When cracks begin to form within the concrete, the damage won’t disappear without restoration and cracks can eventually lead to damage within the concrete.

Sometimes, cracks in concrete can be just an eyesore Sometimes cracks could cause structural issues to your house. Cracks for instance, in basement walls, foundation floors, or foundations could create serious risks for residents. Additionally, large cracks in the concrete driveway or concrete sidewalk could pose dangers to walk on. Concrete companies like ours can provide the repair materials and the expertise required to fix the cracks and fix the other structural problems.

The Chicago’s Expert Concrete Contractors Are Ready to help

If the Chicago weather or other elements have led to uneven and damaged concrete of your home Our concrete repair specialists in Chicago can assist you. We know that repairing concrete can be a challenging task, which is often an unanticipated expense. But, it’s crucial to the security and value of your home, whether it’s residential or commercial that you take the necessary improvements to. If your house’s structural stability is deteriorating, you must to contact an expert in the repair of concrete structures immediately. We will help you find the most effective options for your home, time, and budget. Contact United Structural Systems of your area now to speak with one of our experts on concrete repair to discuss the project and options available to you! Any concrete repair project is too big or too small for us to manage.

The Chicago IL Concrete Repair Options We Offer 

Instead of pouring fresh concrete, our contractors employ concrete leveling to fix your concrete. If your concrete is damaged and uneven because of expansive soil, what’s happening is that the soil moving is creating voids underneath the concrete. These gaps cause the concrete to weaken over time, and eventually cause it to crumble inwards. In certain cases, the trees or soil roots shift show up and exert an upward force on concrete which causes it to get damaged.

How do you define Concrete Leveling?

Concrete leveling is a type of concrete repair that helps fix the damage that expansive soil could cause. Concrete leveling is accomplished by injecting a substance in the soil beneath the concrete, to fill in the gaps created through shifting the soil. We employ a method of concrete leveling project known as mudjacking which improves the durability of your concrete. It makes it last for longer and decreases the possibility of cracks occurring in the future and also minimizes interruption to your life.

Concrete Leveling using Mudjacking

If your business or home is located in the Chicago area is suffering from new slumping concrete slabs or cracked stairs driveways or walkways, our experts from United Structural Systems of your area will provide concrete raising through the process of mudjacking. This method of raising the concrete is a method that utilizes grout pressure to raise your concrete back up to the original level.

Is Mudjacking a thing?

Concrete cracks and sinks because of the swelling and sinking of the soil underneath the concrete. The clay soil found in Chicagoland is referred to as expansive soil. This means that it expands when saturated, and shrinks when dry. This constant shifting of soil beneath the concrete causes the concrete to sink and expand and.

The mudjacking material used through United Structural Systems in Illinois inc is an ecologically safe mudjacking grouting mix. This mix is pumped underneath the concrete in order to lift it up.

The process starts with drilling several holes into those areas affected by concrete. The grouting mix is pumped through these new holes at a pressure level, filling the voids or gaps beneath the concrete. When the gaps are filled, the grout mixture is pressurized and lifts the concrete to its initial level. The final step is to fill in the st holes created with cement mix.

What are the advantages of Mudjacking?

A majority of people, both business and homeowners think that the only option to fix concrete that is damaged is to replace it completely. However, this is not the most cost-effective and realistic option. What what would happen if the government had to replace the sidewalk of a public area location every when cracks appeared? This is not an efficient investment of taxpayer money. The government instead fixes concrete. This is what business and home owners should do in most situations, too. Repair methods are less complicated and more effective than replacing more time-consuming and more money-effective.

The advantages of mudjacking over concrete replacement include:

  • Cost-effective Mudjacking is about 50% of the cost of replacing.
  • Time-saving Mudjacking can be done in a relatively short period of time and has less disruption than replacement. The concrete replacement project is a major headache for busy homeowners as well as business owners.
  • Clean Mudjacking is not more disruptive than replacement, but the equipment is also smaller and can help prevent damages to landscaping.
  • Aesthetics Mudjacking doesn’t result in concrete that isn’t matchable as replacement concrete will.

We Are The Concrete Repair Team For You

If you require repairs or Chicago concrete lift, allow the experts of the United Structural Systems of your area to restore things to their original condition by employing our mudjacking repair method.

If your home was constructed on a slab, not a basement, we can provide repair options if your slab is getting sunk or is beginning to break. We can provide new slab piers for lifting the slab back to its original height and also perform crack injections to block out water. This slab can be more durable than the slab that was originally installed and won’t be able to settle or get damaged in the near future. By using our new slab-underpinning solutions as well as gap injection, you will be able to make sure that the slab you install will be secure for the years to remain. United Structural Systems offers the local Concrete Repair Chicago experts who have decades of expertise with repairs to foundations, waterproofing, and structural project repairs for residential, commercial structures, and municipal buildings.

We’ll Locate The Perfect Solution for Your Request

As the season’s change, shrinkage and expansion can occur in the end. This will cause cracks to your driveway, stairs and walkways. They can also cause cracks in pathways, walkways and even the concrete slabs. Whatever the reason for cracks, we are able to solve it by using our new knowledge with concrete repairs and construction in Chicago epoxy. Our website and team are knowledgeable and is equipped with the right tools and expertise to resolve any issues with concrete repair. USS will be dedicated to finding the best solution for you at an affordable price so that your property is secure and you’re content because you were on a budget. Call Concrete Chicago IL today to request an appointment and issue a quote.

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