how to remove oil stains from concrete

How To Remove Oil Stains From Concrete 

Have you noticed concrete parking areas strewn with oil stains from a car or other automobiles, especially when repair of automobiles is done? While some companies dismiss the problem, many others are seeking an answer to this problem. When oil gets stained in concrete and concrete, it may result in an unpleasant concrete appearance. However, you may find several common ways to solve this problem.


Remove Oil Stains From Home With Chemistry Methods

Sometimes all you need to clean any oil stains involves an effective chemical concrete cleaning agent, scrub brushes, and sponge. But, this technique generally only works with small and fresher oil stain. For older and more extensive stainings, apply an appropriate cleaning or product degreaser for concrete. These are concentrated alkaline soaps that get used to clean and remove oil from concrete surfaces and also loosen the oil stains, get it to remove the stain easily.

Commercial concrete stains cleaners come with a disadvantage. They are less effective at performing properly on extremely stained stains that are contaminated. If your concrete grease and oil stains is decades old, a different clean technique may be more effective for the purpose you are trying to get and achieve removing the stain.

Poultice Driveway Oil Stain Clean Method

A poultice is a new solution created by saturating an absorptive substance with a solvent that is strong on oil stain. Some of the most popular material options on how to remove oil stains include:

  • Kitty Litter
  • Sawdust
  • Pool filters

Although it may seem new and strange, another method to remove oil stains is using inexpensive cat litter aside from poultice. Since a cat litter typically has some highly absorbent clay, it can prove quite an effective alternative to removing oil stains. Of course, not all of these cat litters are the same and work the same way. In fact, more expensive day-life brands can be prone to clumping up when they find and come in contact with moisture which is ineffective on how to remove grease stains. This fact is crucial, therefore, less expensive brands may be a better option for oil stain.

The usage is simple, for removing oil stains from concrete, you may simply pour the cat litter on the stain area, letting it stay and sit there for about half an hour, if the stain still covers more area, then it may require more time, maybe over a night. After letting it sit there, you may then proceed to cleaning the litter with a broom, then go on with a brush and detergent to scrub the area clean, rinsing and cleaning it with water when you’re done with oil stain. Cornstarch or cornmeal can also be a substitute on how to remove oil stain as well as talcum and baby powder.

When you’ve selected the material then get and combine your material pin any of the below solvent options for stains:

  • Acetone
  • Lacquer Thinner
  • Xylene

After mixing, apply the mixture over the grease stain or oil. Then put the poultice over and cover the stain with plastic, then see it work! The process of osmosis is going to begin to take over, break down the oil stains and saw dust or kitty litter is able to absorb oil. Although effective on concrete, the one disadvantage to this technique is the expense and time required for the oil stain to be removed. If you’re patient, and you have an affordable budget to remove an oil stain from your business, this method is a good fit for you.

Get Other New Concrete Oil Stains Cleaning Methods

Another alternative is an upcoming stain removal breakthrough that utilizes single-celled microorganisms which thrive on crude oil can be utilized to clean the stain from concrete. Microorganisms eat the oil, break it down and transform it into CO 2.. Once the oil is not available then the organisms die, and then they die and the cement is totally clear, email us for more info!

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