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Things To Do In Chicago Illinois

One of the best things to do in Chicago Illinois is to spend a day or two at the Sears Tower. The views from the roof of the world-famous skyscraper are simply marvelous! Besides taking in the Chicago stunning views, you also have wonderful views from inside the building too. The elevator works by moving up and down the nine stories. You will get the feeling that you are almost on top of the world!

Although not really an attraction, the Chicago Skydeck Experience Ticket wouldn’t be wasting your time. Skipping the line and speeding up to the Skydeck 412.4 meters above the west side of the Loop. After experiencing a fast, swift ride, you are then greeted by a view extending over 50 miles and four states. This is a set of four all-glass boxes projecting over a sheer drop of more than 100 stories.

In addition to taking in the wonderful view, you will want to spend a fun day learning about the history of the Chicago Sears Tower. As you can imagine, there are quite a few interesting facts to learn about this historic site. When you plan your way on the trip, make sure that you take a few hours or days to see everything. Some of the other things you will want to do in Chicago are:


Enjoy The Park And Outdoor Activities In the city of Chicago IL

Take part in one of Chicago’s famous Thanksgiving Day parades. During the afternoon, you will be able to visit all of the Chicago attractions. You will witness a location that has live entertainment, activities, and some great photos of the Chicago event. You can have a nice day having fun in the sunshine.

If you happen to be in Chicago at the time of year when the Rush Hour begins, you will want to head to the way of Grant Park Conservatory. Here you will be able to view the hustle and bustle of the rush hour through a glass door. Of course, it is still a great time to see the Chicago park sights. It is the best place to relax when it is around a two hundred degrees park outside. A nice Chicago breeze will blow, bringing a pleasant chill to the office of everyone there.

There are also lots of great things to do in the Chicago Grant Park Orchestra pit. Of course, you want to be one of the pitmasters yourself and try to dance your way to the top of the pole. You will find it is hard to hear the words as you are screaming along but you will appreciate the experience nonetheless. This is also a great place for family blues. One of the things you will find here is a free show every Sunday morning.

Millennium Park is another incredible park located in Chicago il. Just as the name suggests, the park was essentially created as a sign of a new millennium, this award-winning space in Grant Park is the most popular visitor attraction in the Midwest. Not to mention, it is completely free to enter bold public art, spellbinding park architecture, and some forward-thinking initiatives are displayed.

Although relatively new, the Maggie Daley Park is one of Grant Park’s newest treasures. This Chicago park was named after the first lady of Chicago who passed away in 2011 as a courtesy by the landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh. This magnificent park opened in the northeast corner of Grant Park in 2014. This Chicago park is famous for its many recreational park activities and family park facilities. There are countless recreation activities to enjoy and explore, perfect for children.

Although less of a park and more of a Chicago attraction to explore, Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool is a masterpiece of landscape architecture that can be found in Lincoln Park. Alfred Caldwell was the designer that worked on the beautiful pond, naming it after him. The pond is laid out in a Prairie Style and is even in the same vein as the Robie House. The pool is traced by winding stepping-stone paths, wide stratified slabs of limestone, circular benches, plants native to the Midwest, a waterfall, and a waterside pavilion.

Chicago is closely associated with many different festivals. For example, there is the world’s largest food festival that is usually held in mid-July, the Taste of Chicago Festival exhibits the full diversity of Chicago’s dining options. Experiencing and enjoying this festival is equivalent to taking a culinary trip around the world in Chicago. The contemporary culinary restaurants of Chicago would most likely shower you with classics such as Italian beef, cheesecake, pizza, and hot dogs.

Many restaurants, street food trucks, and stands participate while representing Chicago’s top eateries. Some may prefer going free sample crazy, while some may just like watching highly skilled Chicago chefs advertising their thing at live demonstrations. This Chicago festival is also able to organize live music by famous acts and the best of Chicago’s music scene.

Speaking of festivals, Chicago Jazz Festival is a favorite Labor Day weekend tradition held at Millennium Park. The festival events date way back to 1974, meaning it’s fast approaching its fifth decade. This festival events started in Grant Park to honor Duke Ellington who had just passed away. Each year’s way of events there’s a helping of Jazz royalty sharing the bill with stars of contemporary jazz and some undiscovered music talent.

Find Out Chicago Illinois’ Famous Attractions

Another popular Chicago attraction among tourists is the Adler Planetarium. While it may take a little while to get to the front of the line, once you are in, you will be in for a treat. There are so many things to see in this wonderful Chicago park that it is hard to fathom how any given day could be boring. The only bad thing about the planetarium is that it closes somewhat early in the day.

If you want to have a family-oriented outing, you might want to visit the Shedd Aquarium. It is truly a wonderland. There are thousands of different types of marine animals and hundreds of freshwater fish to look at. You can take a tour of the animals or just marvel at them by yourself. This is one of those experiences you will want to tell your children about and they will be more than happy to fill you in on all of the excitement. You will determine that there is nothing quite like seeing the creatures up close.

Of course, there are things to do in Chicago Illinois that everyone can agree on. The first two mentioned here are definitely top of the list. The third place you might want to check out would be a Chicago night market. There are always great shows with wonderful food and you will not want to miss out on any of it. 

Would could forget about the Art Institute of Chicago? Interested in art? Aside from anywhere in Paris, Chicago has the largest collection of Impressionist paintings. The Art Institute of Chicago houses these incredible collections. There are also over 700 public artworks and more than 125 art galleries highly-rated, found in Chicago.

Looking for modern art? Then there’s an art by Jackson Pollock, an art by Warhol, an art by Jasper Johns, and art by Matisse, while the modern architecture and design collection have drawings and models by Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and more. There are also a wide variety and selection of ancient Greek art, Egyptian art, Etruscan and Roman artifacts, from mosaics to pottery, glass, coins, bronze, and jewelry.

Another indication of Chicago’s advanced, superior architecture is the Navy Pier, it is essentially set to the location where the Chicago Portage enters Lake Michigan. the Navy Pier in Chicago is considered a multifaceted visitor attraction extending over the water for an incredible size of six city blocks. In fact, there are so many fun things to do in the place that it would be difficult to summarize in a paragraph.

There is the enormous, multisensory Funhouse Maze as well as an incredible Centennial Wheel in the size of 65-meters, which also has some other fairground rides, attractions, events, and amusements. On this pier, you would always be entertained and amused. There are weekly fireworks in summer, an IMAX Theatre, the Chicago Children’s Museum, and the Crystal Gardens botanical garden with more than 80 palms.

Are you more in to learning culture classes? Try out the Chicago Cultural Center. This striking and amusing Neoclassical building in The Loop that used to be the home of the Chicago Public Library, in 1991, became the first free municipal cultural center in the whole United States. There’s no denying that Chicago is a very diverse city, with that, there are 1,000 exhibitions and programs there every year and they’re just as diverse as you’d expect from Chicago.

There are many theatres, dance, music events, lectures, film screenings, and family-oriented events that you may experience, all for free. If you’re just on a sightseeing trip, then you may also just appreciate the beauty of a building, built by the nation’s top craftsmen who were hired for the interiors, working with valuable price materials type like fine hardwood, rare imported marble, polished brass, and mother-of-pearl.

Zoos are a classic, sizing about per 37 acres and even dating as far back as 1868, the Lincoln Park Zoo is actually one of the last few remaining free tickets admission animal attractions park in the United States and should be appreciated more for that tickets fact. Not only are there an impressive amount of 1,100 main animals in there, but the habitats are also regularly and constantly you can see being revamped and remodeled. 

There are wide varieties of adult animals to be seen there, including polar bears and African penguins as well as their nicely made habitats. There is also the Regenstein Macaque Forest where you may be able to see Japanese macaques bathing in a hot spring as they do in the wild. You can find many indoor and outdoor habitats for giraffes, pygmy hippos, ostriches, gazelles, and many other species.

Huge fan of musical artistry? Visit the Symphony Center of Chicago. This orchestra is one of America’s “Big Five”, it is also among the most prestigious classical ensembles to see in the world. A National Historic Landmark on South Michigan Avenue can be seen at the Symphony Center. There are many performances held in the venue made of the Grainger Ballroom, Buntrock Hall, and the 2,522-seater Orchestra Hall. You can see any world-renowned performers every season.

Chicago Food/Normal Tours

Of course, nothing gives off the feeling that you’re on a trip than tasting different, unique, local food tours. For foodies, this may just be an enjoyable activity and tours. With Chicago Food Planet’s Second City Classic, locals and tourists can explore the vibrant tours of the Near North area. Have fun and appreciate the seven free different stops and tours you can see and indulge in. There are also American classics such as deep-dish pizza, and try restaurants known only to Chicago. 

There are many things to do in the Chicago Food Planet, they wouldn’t only be teaching about Chicago’s food culture in the tours, but it would also have enthusiastic and knowledgeable tours and guides that will be sure to point out famous attractions, tours, and historical architecture along the route, and eagerly pass on tips for local tours attractions.

There are bound to be people with curious minds if you’re traveling by group. Satisfy their curiosity with the quick city tours, Mob And Crime Tour. Many people seem interested in Chicago’s prohibition-era mobsters. Especially since famously known names such as Al Capone, Bugs Moran, and Dion Johnny Torrio still remains household names. There’s always more to history than what you know, so why not read, check and uncover the dark past of the city, profiling notorious men like Capone and John Dillinger with tours.

Then, there is also the Taste Chicago Food Tour by Tastebud Tours which gives tourists, and other people the opportunity to wander off through the streets of downtown way on the tours as they indulge in their taste buds with some of the best Chicago classics. These classics in tours include an order of deep dish pizza and an Italian beef sandwich from Al’s.

On the tour, you would also be educated on more than just the food you eat. Your guides will share with you some of the tourist attractions along the way and provide tips of what else to fill your time with things to do in the Windy City. Whatever you decide to do in Chicago, you are sure to have a great time doing so.

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